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oxxcyanidexxo's Journal


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Linds Ham. <3
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Lindsay Hamilton. <3
Hello all! You've stumbled across my curious journal. I hope you'll get to know me and ask to be added seeing that this is a friend-only journal.


I'm a nerdy girl who loves to sew, cosplay/costume, sing, dance, watch old sci-fi, and just keep buggering on. xox
I am a lolita, a seamstress, an artist, a designer, a cosplayer. A lover of movies and world travel. I'm a steampunk at heart who loves the idea of living life as a sky pirate. I was a cupcake in a former life. I'm a Doctor Who fanatic and love all things Sci-Fi.


I live with a family of dysfunctional friends in Atlanta, GA, heart of the south and the new center of the universe to me. I'm from Connecticut and frequent NYC, I love the north... I just decided to migrate. I'm a nomad, a traveler that loves to keep moving around.


Profile by Fruitstyle | My Etsy - Lolitas N Cream | My Deviant Art.

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